Behind the Brand đŸ€Ž

 Saint-Désir is a black female-owned brand that offers fun, creative and bold jewelry to match your vibe. Each piece is plated with real 14k & 18K gold and crafted using stainless steel & silver .925 for maximum durability.

I believe in the beauty of being uniquely creative. Expressing yourself is like crafting a beautiful symphony. Why be like everyone else when you're exceptional just as you are? 

The modern pieces are edgy, bold and also have that 90's nostalgia aura. The pieces are a vibe by themselves and allow for the wearer to truly feel special.

 At my core, I have always valued diversity, creativity, authenticity and self-expression. This opportunity to share my values is the divine gift of Saint-Désir. 

My mission is to inspire confidence & authenticity, adorning you with unique jewelry pieces and visually representing you in all your beautiful creative uniqueness.



    - Yours Truly, Pamela